Hello, welcome, my name is Guillermo, I am a massage therapist and a reiki therapist, can I help you?

Chiromassage is an advanced therapeutic massage technique, based on the knowledge of both anatomy and the benefits of manual therapies.
The used techniques consist mainly of pressures, kneading and stretching; Through which, a state of relaxation is sought by working the muscles and soft tissues of the body (tendons, fat, blood vessels).
Chiromassage is especially appropriate, due to its optimal and rapid results, for contracted muscles, for aesthetic, relaxing, therapeutic treatment, as well as improving circulation by reducing pain in the extremities.
The intensity of the massage and the work area of each session are adapted to each person. Depending on the state in which you are, your age, the periodicity with which you perform this or other manual therapies, etc. I will be attentive and happy to know how I can help you in your personalized session.

I am a meditation practitioner, in love with natural therapies, massages, healthy food, sports and travel.

I have already served clients from all continents and I will be happy to assist you.

I hope you enjoy the photo gallery.

I wait for you in my office.